I hate rain outs.

I hate rain outs.

All excited about racing today. First Vintage MX race of the year. Cancelled because of rain. :thumbsup:

Hmmm. Not very vintage. I guess that the promoters don't think that racers will want to subject their vintage bikes to any undue strain. I remember we would race in some of the worst rainstorms of the season back in the early 70s. It didn't matter if the whole track became a marsh, the race would go on anyway. These days, races get cancelled often due to rain, sometimes because even the parking/pit area isn't navigable by automobiles, let alone the track.

I'm from back there and still remember what it is like to wait all winter for the weather to break then have it rain on the weekend. Simple fix though, move to Socal. The tracks are awesome and you can ride every day or night almost every day of the year. If you don't like the city life there are mountains surrounding the area within commuting distance that are pretty spectacular...

Yes, getting rained out really sucks. I hate it when it is nice during the week then starts raining for the weekend..

I feel your pain. We got rained out here in Michigan today too. My guess is that ~50% of our races so far have been rained out or muddy-going...Oh well, I guess we just have to keep the faith. Good luck to you on your next race. :thumbsup:

It seems here in Wisconsin, all it has done for the last 2 months is rain. Im sure IL and Mich are basically the same. This weekend being no exception. :confused::thumbsup:

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