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my brothers tsubaki master link will not stay compressed to apply the clip,any hints?we used a cheap tusk masterlink compressor,it bent up 1st try.

Majestic Rider,

I'm not sure about a tsubaki master link, but on a DID o-ring master link I have always used a small pair of Vice-Grips to install the cover plate and clip.

I begin by putting grease on the o-rings, pins, and in the cover plate holes. I then adjust the Vise-Grips to slightly squeeze the cover plate on. I then move to the outside of each pin and squeeze the cover plate on evenly. I gradually adjust the Vice-Grips to squeeze the cover plate on further and keep repeating the process until the cover plate is evenly in place. I then put the clip in position so it is ready to slip over the pins. I reduce the pressure on the Vice-Grips and clamp them over the clip/master link so the cover plate is somewhat gently held in place. I then take a screw diver or punch and place it against the edge of the clip and tap it in place with a hammer.

This has always worked for me. I hope this is helpful.

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