master link

my brothers tsubaki masterlink wont stay compressed to apply the clip.we used a tusk masterlink compressor,it bent 1st try.any tips?

This is what I did and I was having a bit of trouble at first so I used a 6mm nut and placed it over the pin on the side where the pin comes out. Then I used a pair of channel-lock pliers, got it a bit wide, and slowly squeezed down. It worked.

A friend here uses filed down vise-grip pliers and applies pressure between the pins. That works too.

decent ideas,ill try the nutty one,too bad you couldnt do both pins at once,when you do one the other lifts off alittle.

In my case, I think that nut was wide enough to compress the full thing. I just did it on one side and it compressed both. I did do the other side too, if I remember right....just to be even. Start gently and increase the pressure- then check to see if it is working. Don't go caveman on it. :thumbsup:

Seems you have to be careful squeezing masterlinks. I use a chain tool and the last time I put one on I got it a little too tight, and now the 2 pins on the m-link bind a little. Have tried working it loose with a screwdriver, but no cigar. So I just left it, been working for a year now, but still a tight link.

i wish the chain tool held up,but the tusk brand one bent out of shape,so ill try the nut job and go easy,thanks for the tip of the day.

I'm assuming O-ring?

I've found if I clamp the tool on good and tight, and walk away. Go have a beer. Come back later, tighten it up a little more. Leave it for an hour or so...when I come back, the clip goes on as it should.

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