D606 VS Kenda Trakmaster

Has anyone tried both the Kenda Trakmaster rear and Dunlop D606 rear?

Which one do you prefer and why?


I took everyones advice and put on a 606 for my trip to baja, but I am going back to Trakmaster. Maybe its just that the 606 is pretty worn out now, but I used trakmaster tires for years and was happy with them. Good priced tire, lasted as long as anything else and worked the way I wanted it to. I only got the 606 because it seemed like 90% of the people on here said to get that tire for the Baja.

I run Trackmasters on my dualsports, the DR400s is with a 120/100/18 rear and normal front. Comparing a lightly worn (80% left) rear Track with a 95% left 606 on an identical '07 400s, well, I won't be spending more for a 606 that doesn't work as well here in east TN. I tracktored up what they were spinning on. It simply chugged through the mud where they were sending up rooster tails and walking it, etc. If you want to slip and slide and throw mud, the 606 rocks! You can't do that with the Kenda. it just hooks up and goes... even when I had the front brake locked and as leaning over the handlebars in nice muddy muck, it just pushed the front wheel along and went. lol

I dont run either of them, but have ridden many bikes (including several drz's) with each of them. I find the trackmaster slides weird, but the 606 has slightly less absolute traction in snotty stuff. They last about equally well and the trackmaster is cheaper.

The wider knobs of the 606 make it more of a 80/20 tire, they perform pretty good until it becomes dry slick... then they will drift... the TM's I find are similar to the old 756 and is closer to a 90/10 tire. Some don't like the TM front....but I've had no issues with it.

D606(rear), better on road. offroad, di$appointed.

K-760(rear), way better offroad, on road disappointment, wears fast.

K-760, my choice, since i ride way more offroad.


I've had both and prefer the Trakmaster II. Works better off road and good enough on road.

i run a trckmaster on my offrd bike and love it. ive never run on road but i think it would wear real fast...

I ran Trakmasters on my DRZ in the past. I've since switched to a more streetable tire(Shinko 244) since I was riding a lot more street than off road-which was killing the Trakmasters. I plan to go back to the Trakmasters once these Shinko's wear out.

DRZ400 - I prefer the TM over the 606. I always found the back end to wallow around too much with the 606, especially in the sand. :thumbsup:

With that said, since I switched to the Pirelli MT-43 I will probably never go back to either of them. :confused:


I'm running 606's front and back on my dirt converted SM. I am new to dirt riding so I don't have any other experience, but they seemed to hook up just fine. Trail conditions were mostly damp and muddy in places. I didn't have much trouble with them, other than they didn't seem as sure-footed as I would have liked in the mud.

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