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Hydration help

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Hi guys, I am pretty new to motocross and have beun doing enduro races. mainly 3hr enduros, but I have a 2day event in a few months i need to get preped for.

My issue is I am having trouble keeping hydrated enough,

The first race i ever did last year i had to stop and drink for about 5min and then continue.

The last race I did I was able to keep going and drink but I found it difficult hunting for the hyration pack sipper with one hand while trying to ride at speed with the other, so again didnt drink enough.

After most races I am very tired and always have a headache :thumbsup: . I usually sleep for 2-3 hours after but still dont loose the headache until the next day. I also find nothing seems to quench the thirst afterwards.

Does anyone have any tips or products for securing the sipper to your helmet so you just poke it into your mouth nice and quickly or even just grab it with your lips. If I can do this I would drink more water and probly be able to go further and enjoy the day more.

cheers for your help.

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