Funny trail riding crash in sunny england

I thought id share this vid of my friend crashing. Thankfully he was ok just smelt a bit after.

now that was a good looking swap...

hahaha Good one!! thanks for sharing

wow, highside

epic video lol

Pretty funny! Landed smack in the middle of the water drainage ditch...probably softened the blow. Glad he didn't hit that tree nearby.

These are the moments what helmet cams are for:thumbsup:

That was perfect

Beautiful landing.

Great stuff!

lookin like he cleaned the latrine :thumbsup:

lol. great vid

Very Funny !

Hope your friend knows ( understands ) how much enjoyment we are all getting out of this .

Nice splatter effect when he hit the ditch :smirk:

If those kinds of crashes were an Olympic Event, I'd have to give him a fairly high score...... :smirk:

He showed very good form as he flew into the ditch, and he managed to keep his bike out of it! :smirk:

Hope he has a good sense of humour!


Excellent video. Couldn't have been better if it was scripted! Nice soft place to land too, so nothing more than a great story (after he's had a good wash that is).

that just made me laugh out loud in my cubicle at work.

you just made my day! great video.

Awesome vid, thanks for sharing! I just laughed out loud after first seeing it and then the slow motion ending nearly got me to tears.

Thanks for all the comments. When you high side it usually ends badly but thankfully the drainage ditch saved him from injury. And to everyone who asked yes he does have a good sense of humour although i havent told him iv posted the video on here.

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