timing 1978 xt500

Is there a simple way to tell visually whether the piston is in tdc on the correct stroke for timing? Where should all the marks line up? I'd rather not damage anything.


Hi olext500:

You can tell quickly if you have the valve rocker covers off. If the valves are moving as you approach TDC you are 180 degrees off.

Both valves should be closed and motionless at the top the compression stroke.

I hope that helps.


Remove the spark plug and turn the motor over clockwise with a socket on the flywheel nut,put your finger tip over the plug hole when you feel the compression stop...Place a straw in the plug hole and bring it to top dead centre.(the straw will stop rising and start falling at TDC.)

The mark on the flywheel should be at the top if your valve timing is correct.

Place a degree wheel or protractor against the flywheel and back it up 7 degrees and your ign timing mark should line up.

Hope this helps

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