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DIY chain oiler

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I posted this up on ADV but since I plan to put this on my KLX250 I thought you guys might be interested. Sadly I'm away from my bike for a month so I won't have any finished pics for awhile, maybe someone else can complete this system and let us know how well it works.

I thought long and hard about a Scottoiler and after reading decent reviews on the Loobman I decided to just make my own.

I remembered the new RC nitro cars have gas tanks with primer pumps and so I bought this one.


HPI87021 Fuel Tank w/Primer,75cc:N3RS4 - HPI Cars/Trucks

I hooked up a silicone fuel line and filled it with chainsaw lube. The pump works nicely, a little squirt of oil for every pump. The only bad thing is the pump tip is small and can become painful to pump after awhile. So a simple remedy was to glue a larger tip to the original one so it's more comfy to pump. What's nice is the spring loaded lid will be easy to refill with a small funnel and if you run a tube to the vent nipple; oil won't come out much if the bike falls over.

Now all I need to do is make a mounting bracket and put it somewhere on the bike where I can access the pump while riding. Then I'll run the fuel line to a 1/8" splitter and two of these nipples that I'll mount into my front sprocket cover over both sides of the chain.


FOR121 121 Bulkhead Fittings (2) - Fourmost Products Engines

So for less than $20 I'm positive I'll have a decent on-bike oiler. I just have to remember to use it while riding. There are some other RC tanks bigger than this 75cc. Do some research on RC fuel tanks and PCVs and you can make one to your liking.

FYI, things that don't work. 1st try was a failure so don't do this. I put two 1 way aquarium air valves into a cap of a squeeze bottle. One PCV lets air in, the other lets oil out. Problem was the oil was too thick and when the bottle was squeezed quickly it just maxed out the PCV and wouldn't let the oil pass. So don't use these, they won't flow oil.


I also tried this RC fuel primer bulb since it has PCVs on both ends allowing one way flow. It pushes out oil fine but the bulb is too soft to create enough vacuum to refill oil quickly. I'll probably scavenge the PCVs off this so I can put them near my sprocket dispenser nipples, that way air won't run back up my oil line.


ASC25076 25076 Fuel Primer Pump Monster GT - Associated Electrics, Inc. Cars/Trucks

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I´m sorry but I don´t see the benefit for my chain of mixing dirt and grime with oil .

Could you explain the advantages of installing this ?

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