2009 SX450 gearbox, 4 speed to 5 speed possible?

Hey guys,

Would it be possible to convert a KTM SX450 2009 model to the 2010 SX 5 speed gearbox? Would I need alot of parts or is it quite easy?


No - neither easy nor cheap. You would need the engine halves from an XCF ...

08 and later sxf cases have the bosses cast in for the extra shift shaft needed for the 5-speed conversion.

However, be prepared to spend $1200 in parts. Practically nothing interchanges between the 4 and 5-speed boxes. This is due to the fact that the 4-sp gears use sliding rings to engage the gears, much like a race car gearbox. The 5-speed is a normal bike gearbox, with sliding gears.

That´s right, my bad ... Can be done from -08 models and on. Still expensive though.

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