Throttle/Needle Stuck

When i open my throttle 100%, the needle comes up so far that it falls out of the jet. Ive tried adjusting the throttle cable with no results, there is a Torx screw that limits the amount you can twist it, but its not adjustable for some reason. Any suggestions? Its an 07 crf450 btw

Also, the needle i currently have is the NJYR, but for some reason i cant find it in any online microfische. Is this what everybody else has in their bike? (assuming its stock).

I dont think your needle jet is screwed all the way into the carb body. The needle shouldn't be able to fall out even if the needle is all the way up on the clip. Make sure the needle is all the way down too. Something very funky is going on.

The slide should rise up all the way out of the bore when at WOT. Round hole through the carb throat and the needle should still be in the end of the needle jet.

The NJYR is the stock needle so something isn't assembled correctly. Stock it should be in the 3rd spot (middle)

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