CRF230F forks, swingarm, and wheels on CRF150F?

my friend has a CRF230F roller that he said he'd sell me for 75 dollars and i'm almost 100% positive that the 230 stuff will fit because the 230 and 150 are nearly the same frames. should i do it?

hell yeah you should do it, that is a steal!

thanks for the feedback 150ron... i'm pretty sure that i can switch the stuff over to my 150 to make it sit higher and i would gain bigger wheels as well, but do you know for sure if i can?

yeah dude, everything bolts on, youll have a 230 with a 150 mill in there, should be awesome.

i wish i had that kind of deal around here.

yeah i got lucky, my friend paid 200 for the roller off his uncle and he just wanted the seat and rear fender off it to put on his 150 (his seat was covered in electrical tape due to the old seat cover being nearly gone, his back fender in 4 pieces because he hit it during winter and it shattered). and i asked him what was the lowest he would take and he told me 75 and it was mine so i think it's a good deal haha.

be sure to use 150 top motor mounts with the 150 engine... the frame is the same size but you cant mix top motor mounts since the motors are different heights... 230 cylinder is taller so the mounts for the 230 are shorter.

Wow great deal on that roller. I just went thru this process with my wife's 150. Very easy to do. Just take off the 150 stuff and bolt on the 230 stuff. I opted to go with the CR85 forks and rear shock and use the 150 wheels because the 230 componants made the bike too tall for her. You may need the chain from the 230 also as the 230 swing arm is a tad longer.

Anyone else wanting to do this I have the complete kit but not for 75 bux'

ST. O.D.

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