Hole in bottom of crankcase

Hi all, I got a replacement engine shipped to me but during shipment too much pressure pushed on the oil inlet causing it to break a penny sized hole next to the threaded opening on the bottom of the motor.

Anyone know if there would be too much pressure in the case to try a JB weld fix?I can see the piece inside that broke off, was thinking I could piece it all back.

I believe that the pressure builds up in the case to push the oil into the frame which is the holding tank, is that correct? is that a lot of pressure?

I filed a claim so hopefully ups will admit they didn't package it well enough and refund the cost. If not was wondering if I could salvage it long enough to ride and save to get my old one rebuilt.

Gotta wait for them to come check it out now.

:thumbsup: Just when I though I could get ridin again :confused:

The oil drain broke?

thats not from internal pressure but either from an external impact of overtightening the drain plug and the washer becomes a wedge cracking the cases...

there is no way oil pressure would crack or break the case like that.


I think the previous poster misunderstood your OP.

Usually pressure doesn't build up in the crankcase, so JB weld will probably work fine.

I see...

So the oil inlet from the oil tank?

Pressure can easily build from the crankcase due to combustion pressure leaking past the rings. All engines do this. hopefully the crankcase is vented well enough to keep pressures reasonable and let the JB weld work, but thats a sketchy situation.


pressure in case is minimal as it's vented to atmosphere.only pressure pulses from piston motion and blowby.

pump pulls oil back into tank,not positive pressure in engine.

you can try jb weld as temporary measure but welding up is better option.you must remove loose piece however.

Please post a picture of the damage.



Here are the pics. Thanks for the answers to the oil pressure, makes sense about the pump and venting. I guess I am just frustrated so I can't think clear.

If you look you can see the piece just hanging over the edge

Wow... that is pretty bad. IDK if I'd try to fix it.

I'd want to send it back to the seller and get your money back. That or get a price for new cases and labor along with other needed parts and file a claim with the shipper, it was insured, right?

Pretty sure it was insured. The seller paid to have them package it so he feels he was not at fault. I agree, they had no padding on the bottom, they just put it in a box with a trash bag on it and filled the box with packing peanuts. The case would be about 300, then i was thinking at least 300 more labor. I paid 700 for the engine so they are better off refunding me.

I can't do anything til Monday when the UPS investigator can hopefully meet me to see for himself.

Thanks for the advice, I think it's pretty bad as well

Do not supply the estimate yourself, unless the UPS guy pays the full amount of the insurance, get a dealer quote. Maybe you'll be lucky, UPS will pay you the full amount and let you keep the engine. Then source a set of donor cases.

A really good welder could fix the cases. Then engine would have to be split and all traces of oil removed as well as all rubber parts. Theheat the entire case up un a special furnace then quickly TIG weld it. Followed up by a magnifluxing to ensure a perfect weld. A check for case true and then a reassemble. When I lived in NJ, I had a lot of frineds in the Defense industry, made missle systems. They had some kick butt welders. I knew this one retired guy, was now welding farm implements but he was so good, NASA used to send him the really delicate stuff to do. Perfection was an understatement.

Man ... thats nasty !!

if ups will pay for new cases, go that route. if not cases can be welded.

here is my 600rr case from when the bike hit a tree.





bike now runs great :smirk:

Thanks all for your advice. UPS wouldn't help me, Luckily ebay buyer protection had my back and is refunding me when I return the engine to the seller.

That sucks for the seller though also.

UPS wouldn't help?.... was it insured?

UPS won't tell me anything, from what I understand from my ebay claim, UPS is going to pay him for it. He is really making out though because ebay is forcing a refund for me so I get my money back but he still gets the money from UPS and I have to pay to send him back the engine. Now he can part it out and make even more if he is smart. So he gets paid for UPS supposedly damaging it, the engine back to do whatever with and I am out $75 dollars and still not riding over 2 weeks after.

The hunt is on to find another now.

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