Baja Bound?????

Has anyone taken a guided Baja trip? Who did you use? Was it worth it? We are thinking about taking a trip next spring, and are considering one of those full package deals minus the bike rental.

A group of us went out last year on a 3 day ride with Baja off road adventures (BORA). It was the standard 3 day trip across northern Baja and was a great ride, lots of fast two lane dirt/gravel. Some fun single track around Mikes sky ranch and plenty of good food. Right at 150 miles per day, we took our bikes, put on big tanks and small rear sprockets. Not very technical riding but lots of it and be prepaired to have Ball after the sun goes down.

How did you get your bikes from Mississippi to Baja. Air, Truck, crated, uncrated, and about how much $$$$. Thanks for any info you could give me.

We trailered the bikes out there and back. Four of us split the gas, around 200 bucks each. The tour was $900 each using our bikes and included everything but booze and souvenirs. We went in April and it was already warm. I would avoid the summer months.

There is a lot of info on riding in Baja around TT so do a search. If you want to ride the really fun stuff down there, you should go with Baja Bound. They don't take beginners and specialize in offering challenging rides tailored to the ability/desires of the group. I've gone with them several times and am looking forward to my next trip.

Baja Bound

You will see a lot of folks advocating the "go it alone" option for riding in Baja. Ignore them, especially if this is your first trip. Baja is a bad place to learn on the fly. Go with a tour so you can just ride and let them handle everything else.

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