GPR Stabilizer rebuild - good customer service


Hi all,

I just had a good experience with GPR stabilizer (company) and my first service request.

FYI - I have been really happy with my stabilizer and it has allowed me to ride faster, with more confidence going over rocky terrain and knarly single track.

My four year old GPR V2 (under bar) stabilizer started leaking recently, so I downloaded a copy of the GPR service form, checked off "free service box" - proof of purchase is required but I had also read on the INTERNET that if you wrote "first service" on the service form, they would be OK with that. Normally they charge $25 for the service fee.

I packaged my stabilizer & service form in a small box and mailed it (via Canada Post) to GPR in San Diego, Cal.

:confused:Note for Canadians - the GPR service form also requires you to choose a UPS return freight (4 selections) but I put in a special request to return my rebuilt GPR to me via US Postal Service (USPS), as I did not want to pay the excessive "brokerage fees" that UPS charges to deliver from U.S. into Canada.

A week or so later I verified my package had been delivered and I contacted GPR via Email asking for an update on my GPR stabilizer. They later replied with news that it had been serviced and taken to the post office (as I had requested). When I received the package I found that they had actually sent me a different GPR. I sent them a picture of my old GPR and the new one I had just received... wondering if there had been a mix up... They replied back "Your old stabilizer was warrantied by our tech department. What you have now is our latest design of the V2. It will function the same as your old V2 If not a little better. Thank you."

So, I now have a brand new GPR stabilizer (with all new bolts & bar mounts) installed on my KTM and all GPR charged was $13.00 ($12.57 Can) for the return postage via USPS.

In my book, this is a very good example of fine customer service by GPR stabilizers.




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