YZ250 gear shift lever won't come off HELP!

My Gear shifter has gotten looser and looser even though the bolt was locked tight. so i figured the shifter either needs replaced or a mod most be done. But when i went down there to remove the bolt the head was missing:confused:

So i was forced to cut with a dremel in the middle crack of the lever to get the middle of the bolt out to remove the shifter. But it won't come off!!! its extremely loose but it won't slide off the shifter shaft!! What gives!! Someone please tell me what to do to get it off. I really wanna ride tomorrow!!:thumbsup:

The shift shaft has a groove all the way around,the bolt sits in that.You either have to get all of the bolt out or cut the knuckle off of the shifter where the bolt goes thru.

First off you need a new shift shaft, and shift lever, Go with oem or a Hammer head nothing else. what i would do is if you have the bolt out take a flat head screw driver and pound it into the space were the shifter comes together so it will pry it open the pull it off.

Okay i got the shifter off and removed the old bolt and i cleaned both the shaft and the lever and they aren't chewed up? So before just ordering a new shifter I used the dremel to open the clamping area some more as i looked around and saw it was a good fix. The problem now is i found i bolt i thought was suitable but i install the shifter on the shaft and tighten the bolt down and the shifter just flops up and down. What is the problem now?

Your shifter (and most likely your shift shaft) are worn out from running with a loose shifter for so long. You can put a new shifter on it, but if the shift shaft is worn then the new shifter will be worn out after only a couple rides. I've gone through this with used bikes I've bought before, if you run much with a loose shift lever you will never be able to keep one on there tight again unless you replace the shift shaft.

That's the thing though. The splines aren't really worn down on the shaft and the shifter doesn't look too bad either. It just won't tighten onto the shaft, Maybe its the bolt im using??

the splines will not look like they are worn out to the naked eye but if you compared to a new one. you will see it. trust me just replaced on my Yz125, job is vary easy to do cost you around 45 in parts and new oil.

the splines will not look like they are worn out to the naked eye but if you compared to a new one. you will see it. trust me just replaced on my Yz125, job is vary easy to do cost you around 45 in parts and new oil.

+1 the height of the splines doesn't get worn down, it is the width of the splines themselves. It doesn't take much wear to create a lot of slop in the lever.

Okay i understand that part but why isn't the bolt making the lever pinch the shaft? It doesn't seem to be doing anything.

because the outside diameter of the shaft is the same so the shifter will tighten but because the splines are wore it still has slop...make sense???

As i stated I've looked at both parts and checked the manual and they don't seem that worn. It was grabbing much harder before i took it off. I don't understand whats wrong now. That's what i need help with.

Is the shoulder of your new bolt too big? Thread length? It's not rocket science.

I'm sorry but i have no idea what "the shoulder" of a bolt is.

The shaft and the shifter are shot. No amount of wishful thinking is going to fix it. You need new parts.

:thumbsup: The shaft is fine. I'm just having problems getting the shifter to squeeze it tighter.

Got a welder? Tack that sucker up and go ride.... JB weld in a pinch..

Dude, get a new shift shaft and a new shifter. You will not be able to tell if the splines are shot unless you have a brand new one sitting right next to it. And judging by the sole fact that you have been riding with a loose shifter at all, your shift shaft and your shifter are wasted. The whole reason your shifter isn't clamping down on the shaft is because there is not enough "bite" for the shifter to grab the shaft. In laymans terms that means your splines are worn out. Get new parts.

:bonk:wow for real:banghead: you need new parts :thumbsup::confused:

Okay! so what is the procedure for getting the old shaft out?

OK now we are getting some where. do you have a manual. if not this is what you need for parts, new shift shaft, new shifter like i said earlier OEM or Hammerhead only or you will ruin you new shaft. and a crankcase cover gasket. i like to print off the parts Fitch when i dont have a manual. start buy draining the oil and coolant:bonk: then loosen all the bolts on the crankcase cover make sure you get them all. you will need to take off your brake petal. then pull off the cover some extra oil will come out and make a mess. then you need to disassemble the clutch. this is a good time to check you plates/steels, pressure plate, basket, and inner hub. if any parts are worn out i would replace them. since you are there. once you have the clutch off. if you need me to explain how to take off the clutch let me know. With the clutch off you will be able to see the shift shaft arm. Remove the bolt that is attached to the shift flapper then just pull out the shift shaft. make sure you get the washer, plastic bushing,and spring, pay attention to how spring goes on shaft. the put all parts on new shaft. the put back in hole. make sure to put some lock tight on the bolt that attatches to the shift flapper. then reinstall clutch. then put the new gasket on on crankcase cover and reinstall. torq to spec then install the new shifter. OEM or HH. then check to make sure goes through all gears and goes into neutral. :smirk: then fill with oil and coolant, go ride to make sure shifts through all gears.

In the future make sure to check shifter bolt to keep tight never have problem with striped shaft.

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