07 CRF450 fork QUESTIONS

So i just bought the bike all stock suspenders ,leaking seals on the forks, so as i was slowly buying other things ive ran across ,and bought both front and rear factory conn springs for my weight , and i bought new seals and wipers, so im ready to do the forks , and i noticed on one leg the chrome has a dark streak in one area , so im guessing just a seal isnt going to finish the job , the guy i bought it from wasn't a small guy 260 or so so im assuming its taken a beating , does it sound like a bushing kit also any other advice? thanks

also if anyone can recomend clicker settings front and rear would help alot , im about as dumb as they come with clicker adjustments im 210pds avarage skill level

I would say just for piece of mind replace the bushing, i think the kit is like $60 at rockymountainmc.com and it comes with bushings, and o-rings. Might want to ask shawn_mc or camP they know quite a bit about suspension

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