Where to buy extra small gear

Not sure this is the most correct forum to post this in but figured more would see it here. My grandson (almost 3) want's motocross gear and boots like his paw paw, daddy, and uncle. Where is the best place to buy this stuff. Keep in mind he is really small and i'm not even sure they sell it this small so that's why I'm asking this larger audience.

He wears like a kiddies size 10 shoe (he has some 13 fox boots) and they are a little to tall for his knee length.

What manufacturer sells the smallest gear/gloves. Just bought him a pw50 so he ready to start.

Thanks for any help guys/gals


I buy the closeout gear at places like Dennis Kirk online. Seems like it's the smallest sizes that are left over and are available at greatly reduced rates. I bought gear for myself and my kids.... mostly Thor stuff.... $18 for pants, $3 for gloves, $5 for jerseys.

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