Awesome TTR Deal for My Daughter

So, got the bike for $550 - hadn't run for 2 years. Picked up a new front tire at a garage sale for $3, a new rear at a shop for $34 - both Michelins that match!. YZ250f clutch lever and front master from Ebay for $45 (more power/feel and easy to find levers). Found a YZ250 front fender on Ebay for $18 shipped. Vortex bars for $35, Pro Taper grips for $8, tank shrouds/side plastics for $140. Freebies: a quick throttle I had for years and never used, jets, airbox mod, drilled the crap out of the pipe, preload spacers for the forks, fork oil, on-the-carb choke knob I had and never used, paint.

So far, $833 for a 2001 TTR 225 that runs SURPRISINGLY well. I didn't know how spunky these things are! I have ordered new brake shoes, a YZ250 front number plate, and I am going to have the rear fender skinned by one of those car graphics places.

I'm a happy dad.

A friend of mine wanted something to go ride with his son, so I found him a 2003 TTR-225 for $650 that needed some work. So far, got about $780 total invested. It needed neck bearings, front/rear wheel bearings, and rear brake shoes. It needed a tune up, spokes tightened/wheels trued, and an oil change. Bonus: came with new tires, sprockets, and and oil filter.

Nice to see you can still get a good deal on a good bike!

Ride safe!


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