Does a cr125 need race gas?

Im looking to buy a cr125. I found a good deal on craigslist for a 2005. The guy says he only runs race gas in it. The engine mods are V force reed valves, a FMF sst pipe, and a new piston. I dont want to run race gas becuase of the price. Will I be fine using 91 pump gas? Thanks for any help.

if the bike is running on race gas and not e85 (in this case has wide squish band, more compression) than you can run regular pump premium gas but most likely the guy rejetted it richer for race gas, but call him for more information for mods etc.

On my 2003 i use regular pump gas

2 strokes like race gas because of the lubrication and higher octane. If he did not put high compression piston in it or any other mods you can use premium pump fuel. You will have to re-jet.

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