DR 650 Engine Cutting Out When I Cross Streams

I spent the past week in the Texas Hill Country on a combination of dirt and paved routes. I had a wonderful time and the bike was well behaved unless I crossed any streams deeper than a couple of inches. When the underside of the bike met with some real water, the engine would die. I assumed the side stand switch was the culprit so we took it out of the equation by cutting the wire to the switch and splicing them together. This seemed to help but then the problem occurred again later in the day.

What else that is electrical could be getting wet and cutting the motor? Is this a common DR problem?

Thanks in advance for any ideas on this?

It seems like this guys was having a similar problem...http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=948565&highlight=

Here was my suggestion...

Any chance it could be an electrical short? Possibly even the spark plug caps? Take a spray bottle filled with water and walk around the bike squirting stuff...See if you can cause it to hiccup.

Instant or after a few seconds?

Can't remember because I got rid of that crap Mikuni carb and put a FCR on, but generally carbs have the float bowl vent hanging below the bike along with a bunch of other overflow lines. When it is submerged, an air lock is formed and atmospheric pressure can't enter the float bowl to force fuel through the jets and into the engine, which is essentially how a carb works.

You could run the float bowl vent up higher, or the better way is to install a T piece somewhere in the line and run another line up high under the tank, that way it can let air in even if the hose hanging out the bottom is under water, but fuel can still flow out the bottom hose under gravity if you lay the bike over or something

It happens pretty quickly. Sometimes, if get lucky, I can restart it while still in the water but I have to hold the RPM very high and feather the clutch to keep the engine running until I get out of the water. Does this provide more clues?

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