How do you install the OEM Suzuki Rear Utility Rack?

I bought this used one for $63 on Ebay:


But it only came with the 2 screws to fasten the top of the grate to where the old small bag used to attach to the fender. It did not include the screws that fasten the front of it to the seat section. At first I thought you use the same screws already holding the seat on but now I'm thinking that some sort of extra long ones with a large washer-like head on them are needed but I have no idea what size or where to get them. Anyone have any clue?


Take the current bolt from the seat mount, measure the difference with the rack and go to a nut/bolt supplier, they will be able to fix you up:thumbsup:

Look in your local business directory for a supplier.

Yes, there are two longer bolts and a pair of washers on the side. They should be less than a dollar at a shop like Home Depot or Lowes.

Don't forget that they are metric bolts. They are either M6 or M8. Sorry, I can't remember. Also, get it long enough so that the threads go all the way through the mount and sticks out the other end a bit (it is open behind there). Nothing is worse than grabbing just a few threads and stripping it out.

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