piston carbon build up

can to much carbon build up on piston eventully score the cylinder? :thumbsup:

No, but it sure can cause increased compression and detonation/preignition, and all the problems that go with that. . (hots spots or higher compression than octane of fuel can handle.) Which is why most serious people use the best two stroke oil they can afford, along with the highest octane fuel. More octane = more resistance to detonation, and better oil means less carbon, or even no carbon. In the old days, I ran BelRay Mc1 in my air cooled two stroke and had no carbon at all. Black slime, yes; carbon, no. Most top grade modern two stroke oils don't leave carbon, or very little.

thanks man, when i first got my 05 yz250, i used the klotz ST ( yea i know, castor ) and after about 4, 5 rides i noticed my bike had more compression than it originally started out with ( by hand cranking it before i bought it ) and i even compared it to my friends yz with a new top end, and he is using a synthetic. I have a lot of blow by from the klotz oil for some reason so i changed it to castor 927, whitch i can tell is a overall cleaner oil. I guess i will do the top end and start using yamalube

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