Loud knocking?...Help

I have an 07 YZ250 with 60.7hrs on the metre, i bought it with 14.1hrs.

Yesterday it started this extremley loud knocking/grinding sound, i think it is the clutch, i have had to tighten the clutch on the hangers adjuster heaps since i got the bike, the g/box drain plug is stuck in so i have just been undoing a few bolts to drain(idiot i know!:thumbsup:) so it hasnt had a proper service im guessing??

I had a good listen standing next to the bike free reving and i cant really tell if its coming from the g/box or the actual engine!!!!:confused:

Could it need a rebuild? or both??

Should i just load it on the trailer and take it to the bike shop, and face scorn from my local bike shop guys?? Where i bought the bike from we get on really well, they sold this bike brand new then traded it in, then i bought it, i can see them getting stroppy!

Thanks in Advance

i pulled the plastics and tank off, found a small hole in the exhaust.

could that contribute??


If it were me, i would wrap the hole with rubber and a large hose clamp too see if it clears up. If so, then you know.

But those hours still would have me thinking of checking the top end and replacing the piston if i had never done it yet.

That said. The "Grinding" noise is what would make me look at the clutch with what you described about the adjustments.

You can take a long screwdriver and hold the plastic end next to your ear and place it anywhere on the motor to tell you where the noise is coming from. It's a crude version of a mechanic's stethoscope. Plug the hole in the pipe first. :thumbsup:

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