1993 kx250 (clutch problem/help)

hi all, recently bought a 1993 kx250 and rode a couple times and has been good to me. I saw that the clutch cable was about to rip at the clutch lever so decide to replace it as well as the gear box oil, i used a basic tranny oil from a local dealer. so once i got both replaced i went to take outta garage, i usually put it in 1st gear ,hold down clutch and walk it outside while engine off and have had no problems. now when i try doin that the back tire seems to lock up and not go smoothly which i think is the clutch......also, i cant seem to start the bike in first gear as i did before....only in neutral..was i messin up to even start the bike in first gear????wut have i done to my bike?????

Start the bike in neutral. The clutch plates often stick together until warmed up. This is normal. It may not hurt to inspect the clutch though to know what you have to deal with. What is a basic tranny oil?

Maxima MTL fluid 80wt

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