I have an 04 crf 250x and need a chain, any suggestions?

116 link, o ring chain will work.

get the DID 520 VT2 narrow x-ring chain. no counter shaft spacer is needed with this chain. it is the same width as stock. these have been the best chain ive used.

My question is how the hell do you get the stock chain off?

With an angle grinder of course:bonk:

Wow honda didn't put a master link on them.

They are of the 'riveted' type rather than the 'split clip' type so you replace it with a master link that can be riveted over to hold the side plate on (special chain riveting tool or 2 x hammers works for me)

I personally use a split-link on my bikes (and carry a spare one)

Ian :thumbsup:

I only buy riveted chains. I use the DID ERV3 no spacer, no rubbing.

I like the feel of a non-o ring. Just can't be lazy taking care of it.

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