03 kx 85 wont go into neutral?

I was riding my kx 85 after i got it out of the shop for a new inner clutch basket and clutch and i was riding the trails and i stoped and the bike shut off ( wont idle long. I had the oil changed but i found out the gears were reversed so instead of shifting up i had to shift down. So now i cant get it into neutral. So how can i fix this problem?

Uhh, if you're gears are reversed, someone definately screwed something up.

yea lol no one ever told me it was until i called the shop guy and he told us that it was but that was after it stopped.

wow i never heard of backwards gears. sounds kind of cool :thumbsup:

I rode a street bike once that had the GP style shifter (reverse, up a gear is actually pushing the lever down, down a gear is actually lifiting it) and man was it goofy. I could not get the hang of it at all. I was compitent enough to ride it around but deffinitely would not be banging gears on it like a tradiational bike.

What your saying makes no sense. An oil change or even changing clutch and basket there is no way someone could mess up any gears. Even if the cases had been split, the only way i could see the shift pattern changing is if the drum were designed so it could be bolted up in reverse somehow or the shifter mechanism is pushing the star the wrong direction. Interesting. Has it always been like this? Maybe a previous owner changed something for a certain type of racing?

Ya know Mojo, I was thinking the same thing today. My son was driving and I just thought of it. There's no possible, mechanical way it dould be done without completely changing out some parts.

i have a complete bottom end i could sell you for a kx85 but youd be better off to have your clutch put on because my baskets are kind of worn but everything is there and in good shape with brand new crank bearings and seals and will even throw in a gasket kit but it doesnt have a crank with it. better off to use yours.

but i would also recomend you dont have the same shop do the work that screwed up your trans.

The more I think about it the more I'm thinking somones messing with someone. I thought this through even from the standpoint of the engine running in reverse. (it is possible, a two stroke can be started in reverse) This is most likely not possible in this case. I originally didnt look at the year of the bike but I believe the 02 is no different than the newer ones and the drum cannot be reversed. Almost makes me want to go out to the shop and split a case! If anything I would put my money on the shifter mechanism either put together wrong or malfunctioning. Take the inner clutch cover off and check the operation. Make sure it is turning the shift star the right direction. Neutral is when the roller wheel is in the smaller detent on the shift star. You should only be able to shift down once, if you can shift down more than once from neutral, if you can shift more, the shifter is moving the star the wrong way and you have found your problem. If it is turning it correctly then the problem is internal. I would then move on to the shift drum and forks from there. OK , still thinking. Has to be shifter, NO WAY THIS THING CAN REVERSE PATTERN UNLESS CUSTOM OR DIFERRENT PARTS HAVE BEEN INSTALLED

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