How do you remap to suit a new exhaust system on an fi CRF 2011

I'm looking to put a new exhaust setup on my 2011 crf and from what I understand that remapping the fi to suit is required. Is it possible to do yourself or do I need to take it to a specialist? Has anyone put a new exhaust on their crf 250 and what was required? Also what gains did you get with it?


do you have the HRC tuner or a piggy back set up like the pc5 or the pim2?

No I havent purchased anything for it yet. Trying to find out what's required.

Hmm from what I've found out it def seems over my head. Will have to find a shop who can do it I think.

if you can find a shop local with the hrc programmer i can sell you the correct map file via email.

will the 2010 hrc programmer work on the 2011?

yes,2010/2011 use the same programmer.

Thanks Eddie.

Im ordering one today. Is there anything else i need to get with it?

I'll hit you up for the map file when I decide on what pipe im getting.


It may be a bit late for this piece of good advice but I have also bought the programmer when I got my 2011. My reasoning was I would tweak a few maps and use them for different tracks and conditions. Later I bought Eddie's map and it's been in the bike ever since, I have had no need to screw with it again. If I could do it all over again I would just send my blackbox to Eddie to program and save myself all the $$$ for the programmer.

hey vlad!

Yeah im thinking i will just buy the pipe and send the ecu to eddie. a little downtime but thats no problem. All this new technology... as much info as possible please!!


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