07 144 sx?

I found a used 07 144sx and was wondering if it was a deal for it? The owner has it listed for $2800, and he said it has had the recall done to it. What was the recall, as I've heard nothing about that. I know the 07 and 08 had it's problems of detonating or something like that due to not being able to use pump gas, so I'm not sure if it is worth buying? Any info would be great. :thumbsup:

I have an 08 144 I picked up in Feb of 2010. As I understand it the 07 144 had a piston issue and needed to be replaced after 10 hours of use. I have no idea if that is 100% accurate, just what I was told. IMHO $2800 is not a bad price if it has been taken care of. If you want to play it safe look at a 125.

I picked up a 2007 125 for my son new non-current at the same time as my 144. Both bikes have been great with the only mechanical issue being a broken throttle cable on the 125 last year.

There are pictures here from the time the bike was new to current doing different mods: http://www.tripleateam.com/dirt/v/usergallery/mclaughlin/joe/2008ktm144sx/


Oh ya, there is not a whole lot of difference between the 125 and 144. The 144 of course has a little bit more, I notice it on hill climbs the most.


Thanks for the info :thumbsup:. I'm just looking for a bike I can take out to the track on the day's I'm not out in the desert on my other KTM (250xcf-w). Do you know if the recall was a better CDI box, or just a different piston?

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