For the woods?

Have a chance to pick up a 2001 bone stock yz250 for dirt cheap. Not what I was looking for but at that price I'd like to pick it up and de-tune it a little (lol) and use it for a dedicated trail bike for a year. Then sell and get something I really want and can use. Anyway

What can I do and is it worth it?


Smaller rear sprocket?

Anything else on the cheap?

Any threads I need to look at?

*never ridden a 2stroke so am assuming this bike will be way more than I can handle on the trails, hahaha.

**don't pick on the new guy too much:bonk:

A flywheel is a good addition. The think won't kill as easy and will pull a little smoother. If you still don't like the hit toss on a 48 rear sprocket.

There is a timing thread to tell you how to time the thing. But in short there is a mark that the stator is lined up withlow and forward on the flywheel. Rotate the stator counter clockwise to move the mark 2 or 3mm and try that. You can do it in a few minutes at the site of your favorite testing grounds and it's easy to put back if you don't like it. I find that is smooths the hit out and lets the bike rev higher.

Pay around with it. Have fun. Don't drink beer 'till you finish. :thumbsup:

Hi there

As you have not riden a YZ250 before, go through the maintenance routine first, set up you carb, have a look into the cylinder to see if the piston is new. (if not get a piston kit) Then go from there and get familiar with the bike. Once there you know for sure what is needed. Why buying all kind of stuff you might not need?

Have fun


I had the same year. This bike handles very well. I bought mine used it was setup for the woods. It had a big IMS tank and a flywheel weight. I would have revalved the forks if I would have kept it longer but I sold it and bought KTM. The forks were sort of rough over small bumps but would blow through the stroke on bigger hits. This could easily be fixed with some good tuning. This is a good bike though for trails. It has great power, nimble and light. The other thing that would be helpful would be to change to an 18 inch rear tire, but that is kind of pricey to do. Good luck though if you get a good price it is a great bike.

^O' too true.:thumbsup:

You're right. I don't have any intention of just buying stuff without trying her out first. Luckily I have a couple of buddies that will help me out with any mechanicals I don't understand (they just don't know it yet:smirk:)

I know there are options, just wanted to make sure they don't blow the budget. Have to let the guy know next week whether I want it or not:ride:

If everything checks out with the bike, definitely pick it up. Riding the two stroke will be unnerving at first. If you are used to the 4 stroke the bike will seem like it wants to wash out all the time, the power delivery will feel violent, and the lack of engine braking may leave you feeling a little nervous when going downhill. After 3-6 rides though, you will love the bike. You will be used to the way it turns and accelerates, and you will begin to see why a lot of people prefer the two stroke in the woods. Nice light weight, and a lot of power. The previous suggestions about the fww and gearing are right on. Regardless of what the previous owner says, do a top end as soon as you can. It will cost you less than 200 bucks, and you won't be gambling on whether he actually did it or not.

get it for sure! i switched from a 4t to a 2t and will never go back. take the bike out bone stock and try it out. the best mod i did to mine was retard the timing 2 degrees. this smoothed the vibrations and made the power delivery not as harsh along with tons of over rev, perfect for trails! also, make sure the jetting is spot on, if not, the power delivery will not be smooth, pilot, and needle need to work together....i did find the 2t is more finicky to temp changes, but it only takes 10 minutes to rejet with the carb in the bike...

Like many have said, a 2001 YZ is a great bike, well worth getting -- especially if cheap!

A 5mm spacer between the reed block and cylinder will help smooth the transistion as the motor comes on the pipe. Yahama added one to the 2002 & up 250s and the difference is noticable and well worth it for woods riding.

PLATE, REED VALVE 5NX-13624-00-00

GASKET, VALVE SEAT 5NX-13622-00-00

You can also get a spacer from Moose...

...but I've heard that it is thicker than the OEM spacer, and fattens-up the bottom a bit too much for some people.

There are the benefits to a flywheel weight as well. Our '08 has one and it helps dampen the 'toggle switch' effect of the throttle at low revs.

Good luck!



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