07 ttr 230 clutch help advice

bought it new a year ago, seems my clutch may be shot, clutch in,bike in gear,hit the start button and the bike wants to roll, likewise once its running (started in neutral) pull clutch hit first and the bike clunks into gear and stalls, can get it going in first, wont shift and wont stop. cable adjusted all the way did i fry my clutch in a year? been using ams oil 20/50

Clutch plates have worn past their useable limit. The clutch stack it so thin now that even with the clutch lever fully engaged the pressure hub can't apply enough pressure to keep the bike from rolling. You will need a new clutch pack

ok pulled it apart, not positive but the plates dont seem too worn, with the raised area about twice the thickness as the rest of the plate. the hub seems not to have much movement in the plates, but with the cover off holding my thumb on the center nut it moves a 1/8 to 3/16 of a inch. so my new question is that center nut is on a stud with a Philips head, is that an adjustment to allow for wearing plates??? if so is that better left for the dealer to do?

My son's buddy has a TTR230 with this same problem. The clutch used to engage when the lever was pretty far out. We adjusted it to move the friction point closer to the grip, but after riding for a while the clutch now does not want to completely disengage. Even with the cable adjusted to the max, it wants to creep in gear with the clutch in.

Can anyone give an easy method to determine if the clutch is really shot? Is there a way to inspect it without removing the clutch pack from the bike? If it needs to be removed and replaced, does this require any special tools?

Since this isn't my bike, I don't have a manual for it. I was just wanting to help him out if I could.


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