oil question 06 yz450f

Should i use cheap oil and change it every 3 rides or keep using synthetic and change it after like 6 rides?

Thanks kyle

i would start out buy getting a Hr meter, so you know exactly how many hours are on it. that way you can monitor it exactly. i run full synthetic and i do it every 5 hrs and clean oil filler every oil change. i would recommend getting a scotts ss oil filter. i run amsoil in my bike. and i buy it buy the case.

Well...I use a good semi-synthetic and change every 4 hours. No doubt there will be those who agree or otherwise...but it works for me.

If you use a cheap automotive oil, you should probably be changing it every ride. With a good motorcycle specific blend, you can go as long as 7-9 hours total tie, but I recommend changing every third ride day.

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