need some suggestions on my new trails

Made a decent loop of trails on the land. i have around 15 acers to work with. I just want to know what you guys think i could do to make it better for practicing for hare scrambles.

the helmet cam starts a little after 1 min


ps. not riding hard because my race bike had a flat and i had to ride my old clapped out 125 with no barkbusters but i had fun.

Haha, was going to say use more clutch =]

Most of the woods sections don't flow that fast. How fast are the hare scramble courses in your area?

you should run the trail over some of those bigger logs that you ride around

Still.....nice to have 15 acres to cruise around on. looks good!


The way I see it is that the best way to practice for hare scrambles is to make some trails that are slow, technical, exhausting, and overall just a pain in the ass to ride on. If you want to make fast/fun get some guys with for wheelers to rut it out so you can get some nice burms through the turns.

Those trails look great. I would maybe add a good log crossing. Maybe a real tight section. Around here we have some pretty nasty rock gardens so if I was practiceing I would ride some rocks. I'm jealous lol I have to drive a hour to do any decent practice.

Nice man! :thumbsup: Definately go for the log crossings, or even make some man-made obstacles.

I do 100% trails, and I love tight stuff, but prefer it with flow. Flow in that it has lots of corners where you can get a rhythm going and basically practice cornering over and over to get in ingrained in your muscles.

Also, which helmet cam were you using? I've wanted one for a long time and have read reviews on just about all of them, but just haven't put up the $$ to get one.

Log crossings for sure.

Check out the obstacle course I built on my property (only 10 acres, but I have hundreds of km's of great trails, both fast and gnarly) that start across the street from I didn't need to put in a loop:

Might give you a few ideas....

Good luck on the harescrambles. I'm racing my first one ever in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, I'll survive! Finishing would be a huge accomplishment too. :smirk:

ok thanks for the info guys i am working on a tighter section that has more technical stuff a log crossing or two so it should be good thanks.

When you are done, we expect an invite to a BBQ and ride day.....OK?


When you are done, we expect an invite to a BBQ and ride day.....OK?

Count me in....if there will be cold beer available! :smirk:

looks like fun...

When you are done, we expect an invite to a BBQ and ride day.....OK?


ha i wish due but the reality is that it is near a upscale neighbor hood and they have had some small complaints of just me riding so i dont think they will like 20 bikes roaring and all that dust flyin lol.

its actually the neighborhood shane watts lives in! its predy cool i talked to him a while back and told him he was welcome to ride anytime. heck i seen him mowing his grass yesterday lol

Cool little setup you have there. As other have said, I'd add a section that is tighter, more technical with some challenging log crossings, but overall, I say good on ya! I was happy to see you didn't get too crazy opening it up and cutting back too much.

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