disc brake squeal

what can make front disc brake squeal ? My son's crf150 has light squeal when brakes are applied. Is it dirt/dust on the pad or does it mean needs replacing? the brake stops fine when it is applied.

my friend's 230L started doing that, come to find out the pads on his caliper were worn all the way and it had already wore into the pistons in the caliper. now he needs a new front caliper and disc. if it was me i'd be changing them.

check ur pads for sure however; the squeal is not created from the contact surface of the rotor to the pad.

the squeaks, squeals and chirp noises are created from the back side od the pad coming contact with the inside of where it is housed in the caliper... it vibrates in the caliper or moves back and forth... the factory usually has shims in there on stock pads and they help but dont eliminate it once the parts wear some.

If it need new pads get them and apply anti squeal compound to the BACKSIDE of the pad. if the pads are in good shape the same compound can be applied to the pads... it comes in a gel or an areosol can...

Lube the caliper slides also, this will allow it to settle evenly on the pads.

The caliper moves left to right on pins that need to be lubed.

Sorry for taking so long for getting back to thank everyone but I havent been back on the forum since my Q. I appreciate your good advice and will check to see if the pads need replacing. if not, I'll try to take them off and apply some antisqueal product.

when I finish I post how it went.

Thanks again.

You most likely need to replace the brake pads, pretty straight forward job. Let us know how the pads look.

Like everyone here's saying, the brake pads is what's making all that noise.

I had bad luck w/ aftermarket pads. They don't grip like the stock honda pads, and they felt spongy. My advice is to stick w/ the Honda pads. THey're about 10-15 dollars more, but, man, they stop so much better.

Mud dirt or sand on the pads could be your prob.

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