Need Help with Second Bike

Hey guys, after this race season I'm looking to upgrade bikes.

Currently im racing an 02 Suzuki RM 125. My Choices are pretty much down to 2,

a 250cc 2stroke

or a 250cc 4 stroke.

Most people say I wont enjoy the 4 banger because it doesnt have the Hit that the 125 2 smoker has. And they're probably right. Also people tell me that ill be Hungry for more power if i go for a 250f.

I can handle the 125 pretty good in my opinion and the 250 2 stroke would be the next choice in line for a 2 stroke. I do like that I would have Plenty of Power and never be challenging the bike for more.

Is the power of the 2v4 stroke completely different? I like a bike i can Tame and make it so Im racing with it, not the bikes racing under me. I appreciate your advice in advance,

Thanks guys! Will

I have my eye on the new 2011 Suzuki RMZ250...looks awesome and reviews put it in my crosshairs as a great bike coming from a 125 2-stroke. However, if you are buying used...definitely go with the 250 smoker. I am in the same boat as you but am having trouble parting with my YZ 125 for three reasons: 1) I'm good, but haven't mastered the 125 yet so still haven't "outgrown" the bike. 2) Can't afford new right now. 3) See #1 above and the 250 smoker is probably too much bike at this point???

if you want something easier to ride then get a 250f. if you want something with more power then go with a 250 2t. the power of a 2t is gonna be alot different than a 4t. i personally like a 2t powerband better. its more fun to ride IMO. the 4t power will be alot smother than a 2t. if you get the 250 2t and find the power is too snappy then just add a flywheel weight.

I had a 01 YZ125 at the same time I had a 07 YZ250F I could ride them both the same speed everwhere except up monster hill climbs (where a 450 would have been the better choice) I really like 125's they are fun but I love my 250F and feel it is overall a better fit for me and better as a race bike ( FOR ME ). I should mention I rode a 450 for 5 years and a CR250 for three years before that and I feel the bigger bikes gave no real advantage in overall speed. I have two guy's I ride and race with all the time. We are about the same speed. It really doesn't matter which bike I ride. So I would pick which ever is more fun for you.

I don't have no experience with the 250f but I have raced a couple on a motocross track and thier is not much difference man, I mean you can be alot lazier on the 250f and hit the jumps just as well as the 250 2t, but then again on the whoops and straights the 250 2t has alot more power, so it kinda just what you really like I say since you had a 2t before stay with a 2t but I would not blame you if you got a 250f because them bikes will get up and go.

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