Question about yz fork valving

Does anyone know if the fork valving is the same on different models of yz and yzf yamahas? I ask because I have a 2007 yz450f, 2009 yz125 and 2011 yz250. I was thinking of swapping the forks from bike to bike with different spring rates to accomadate my son and myself.

the forks are similar in valving on certain years but not all, the shocks vary a lot, as do the spring rates, but from 2011 to 2007 they did alter most things like the base, mid , float , however they all tend to work pretty decent regardless of valving as long as you have the correct springs....try that on a ktm and you will break your wrists lol

I tried the stock forks off the 2011 yz250 on the 2009 yz125 and they worked very well. By the way, forgot to mention I ride motocross only with these bikes.

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