YZ250 Issues Cont. Trans. Pics

You may want to number the pics, but there are a few on there that I'd def. replace. It's a bit hard to tell from the pictures, but for example, the 7th picture down it's obvious. The dogs have worn a groove where they were slipping. Any of them that are questionable, I'd replace, otherwise you'll be doing the same thing again before long.

The 7th picture for sure, I agree. It will be the one that looks like that and obviously the one it mates with. All you need to do is look closely at them. Look at the shift forks, find the bent ones and start looking at the gears they mate with. Also, look at all the dogs closely. You are looking for polished ones that have a rounded corners. Remember, you are not looking for gear teeth damage but instead, the dogs. They are what keep the gears engaged.

That 1st gear looks like it went through hell. Try looking on eBay for a used set w/ forks in good condition. That kind of damage looks like shifting w/o the clutch. Once those dogs get rounded theyll start pushing back on the forks under load.

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