Bent my drive shaft in powervalve!!

I obviously didn't line it up correctly when putting on the cylinder after doing a top end. :confused: Could have sworn it was lined up but guess not, it's hard to see in there and then I just tightened it down in hopes that it was. I followed the manual as far a postioning of the two pieces, but I don't know what happened.

I realized my powerband wasn't working on a test ride, so I tore it down again and tried to line it up and that's when I saw the tooth was bent!!! so now I think I'm Sh*t out of luck!! :thumbsup: I ordered a new drive shaft but I hope I can line it up right.

Any tips on getting that thing in there??

A trick i used was to get the cylinder over the piston and the 4 studs then i took the plastic end of a screw driver and put under the intake side to keep it from droping all the way down. Then i held the front up and pulled the bottom shaft up just enough i could make sure the top shaft went down correctly.

If your cylinder is already on, i just took the head stay off, exhaust, carb. 4 nuts and pick up the cylinder and placed the plastic part of the screw driver under the back and did the same as before, it didn't hurt the gasket.

thanks man, I'll try that

I was able to salvage my bent drive shaft with a little love from some vice grips and a screwdriver. Got it back good enough to engage. I ended up taking the B clip off at the top and just letting the shaft drop down freely and then I got it linked up onto the pinion shaft while I had the cylinder raised up a few inches. This way I knew she was on there. Just had to re adjust the powervalve after and all was good. I'd recommend doing it that way for a sure fire way to make sure your drive shaft is engaged.

POWERBAND BACK!! Bike is running stronger than ever with a fresh top end.

sounds great!

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