Clean and polish spokes

How have/would you clean and polish spokes on your bike.

Simple green and a hose. I like the looks of black spokes but I too cheap to do it the right way so 17,000 miles of dirt and grime late I have accomplished my goal. I ride mine too much to wash them wheels

Depends on how far they've gotten into corrosion... I was involved in this same project in the worst of ways. I ended up replacing them with new OEM ones from Forrest @ Wheeling, whom you have likely been told tales of.

After I replaced them, I now take good care of them with Eagle1 Never Dull wadding polish. It works a treat on the VERY THIN zinc plating on the stock spokes, which constantly demand attention if you don't want nature to get through the plating. You can try the Never Dull now if you want to, but if you can see steel its all over. If you polish a spoke, any steel will be clearly visible, it has a dull luster rather than a bright shine like zinc.

Long thin bit of rag with some WD40 doubled around the spoke.

Takes some time but just done my back wheel and came up real good.

That's the technique with the Never Dull too. It does take forever, but you wanna double the wadding back over the spoke like he said.

I screwed up cleaning mine with a green scuff pad. I didnt realize they were coated. I would like to get some black spokes but I havent been able to find any for my SM. I think black wheels and spokes with red anodized nipples and hubs would look tits.

#0000 steel wool saturated with pb blaster works pretty good.

I dont think sm excel wheels are the nickel coated type. Right?

Right now the spokes are off my bike. I will have a month vacation so anything goes.

Stock spokes have a thin zinc coating to prevent rusting. If you polish it off, the spoke will rust.

If you do not want them to ever look bad get stainless steel or have your chromed.

moose spokes are 50 bucks, how much is your time worth?

Not to put prices in Forrest's mouth, but he got me OE rears for 60. I decided my time was worth the money on the rear.

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