drilling jets, Keihin sizes?

Anyone know of a chart or anything for drilling jets? Small jets??

I need to drill to aprox a 40-45 pilot size, as well as a 100-105 size main..

This is just temporary until I get a new carb for the bike, at which time I'll get a proper jet kit and dial it in. Currently have a 20mm carb on my 108cc crf50, and going to get a 24mm carb eventually..

Running a 35 pilot and 95 main, but its too lean. Been riding it as is, but want to get it a little closer to being right. These bikes are pretty much bullet proof so not worried about hurting it, just want it to run better. Knowing its a bit lean right now, I've been taking it easy and not pushing it extremely hard for long periods of time :thumbsup::thumbsup:

You cannot accurately 'make your own jets'. There is more to jet size than just the diameter of the hole. The chamfer and length of the chamfer matters too. Buy the correct size jets.

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