yz250 power delivery question for the experts!

i have an 07 yz250, all stock, fresh piston, pc 304 shorty silencer stock pipe.. i have the timing at 2 degrees retarded and it is jetted spot on. i switched to 100% c12 race gas. because of this i changed the timing to 1 degree advanced. i loved the bottom end mid range but lost all of my over rev. i mostly trail ride so i love the over rev. with the timing advanced the over rev was all but gone, along with the top end pull. so i put the timing back to 2 degrees retarded. my questionis, can i advance the timing and get my over rev back with a different pipe/silencer combo? my goal is to get the awesome bottom and mid with the advanced timing but keep some over rev. i was thinking a longer silencer instead of the shorty? gearing is 14/52, maybe go 14/50?? any tips would be great before i open my wallet :thumbsup:

Programmable ignition with a map that has the best of both worlds...would probably do you best...problem is most programmable ones dont come programmed "that way".

yeah Vortex is the way to go. I would put first my timing to the stock marks and have a look. I changed to vortex because my CDI fell out on me. An extra cost but worth it.

i never thought of that, i will take a look, sounds expensive...

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