Best gearing for woods riding on 2008 450 XCF

I am wondering what the best gearing set up is for slower single track trail riding. The stock gearing is 14/52.

Also are there any other recommendations for making this bike better on the trails. From what I have heard the XCW is better for trails where as this is better for open, faster type riding.

I am looking at picking up a used 2008. I was initially looking for the XCW and then saw the XCF locally so I was wondering if this will make a good trail ride.



The XCW is much better for the tight trails we have. The XCF in a AA riders hands is a good bike but not for most people. Its a bike that wants to go fast not slow. You could gear it down a bit with a 13 cs but its the power delivery that is a bit much. It's based on the twin cam SX motor and it will haul butt in the desert.

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