Please Help Me Decide Between 2 Bikes! Buying This Week!

Hello everyone, thank you in advance for the help. I'm getting back into the world of riding after 8 years or so and have been looking through craigslist for a good Enduro bike I can use for commuting and hitting the trails (I'm in Colorado). I've narrowed it down to these two bikes...

Now, I've been able to find a lot of good info on the Yamaha DT 175 and it sounds perfect for me. The other bike, however, is much newer as you can see and comes with a carrier and ramp which is pretty cool. The thing is it is one of those Chinese-produced bikes, I'm not exactly sure of the manufacturer, but I was hoping someone could maybe tell by the picture? Perhaps a Yamoto or Jetmoto (honestly I have no idea)? So my dilemma is between the bike that is old but well-reviewed and time tested or a new one I'm just not sure about in terms of quality, etc. My apologies for not knowing the manufacturer of the newer Chinese bike at the moment but it has slipped my mind and it is a little late to call the owner. I'm checking out both of them tomorrow though and would love to have some good advice and information before making a purchase. Thank you!

Man, I just can't see any of those bikes doing too much for you as they sit. Probably the 2-stroke Yamaha is the safest bet (and not because i have a 2 stroke Yamaha). Just more reliable and cheaper/easier to fix.

If you could just save up another $500, your selections would rise dramatically as would the quality/condition/appropriateness of your purchase.

I don't know too much about the 3 bikes you are looking at honestly, just got a bad feeling when looking at them is all. Check em out and see for yourself if they feel good and strong and safe. If you feel uneasy at all, walk and save up a little more (or just spend more if you got the $$$)

That isn't bad advice at all, I know I want one real bad but I don't want to impulsively buy something and sacrifice performance and longevity just to be able to ride a few weeks or so sooner.

none of the above.... spend a little more (like $2000-$2500) and get something newer/nicer, you wont regret it. all of those bikes look like they would take some time and money to make them trail-worthy/trustworthy.

If possible, do spend a bit more and get something you will really enjoy for a while. I think $2K is a good point but I have seen some good bikes for around $1,500.

Word, thanks guys. I may just wait it out and save up instead of making an impulse buy, even though I really wanna start riding right now!

How about any opinions on the Suzuki DRZ-250? Looking at this one on craigslist now...

It would just be very preferable for me to buy a bike with lights already installed to make getting a plate for it pretty simple. Those Baja kits seem pretty expensive.

that would be a very good and reliable choice for a beginner

Awesome, thank you guys very much for the input. I'm definitely gonna make a better investment on a newer, more reliable bike because of course it will pay off in the long run.

I'd go with someone who knows motorcycles and look at that xr200. I'd have no problem buying a '87 xr if it had been taken care of. That DRZ is perfect....but I'd bet you wouldn't be able to tell hardly any difference between the two for your learning. You will be able to sell the xr if you outgrow it for almost what you bought it for and you'll be learning sooner, instead of waisting away riding time this spring/summer.

Don't want to be taking a step in the wrong direction, and I too like that DRZ as I've considered one before, but any opinion on a 1990 Suzuki DR350S if it has been well maintained? I was checking one out that was priced around $750-$800.

still checking

I think you need to decide what is more important. Street or trails. Some of the bikes you are looking at would be horrible on the trail but have a few more ponies so would be nice extra power for street. Out of the bunch you have there the DRZ would be my first choice sight unseen. Those XR200's have a cult following though and even though it is a bit rough I know guy's that like the older XR200's over the newer ones. while you are budgeting a lump some for a bike can you do maybe 150.00 a month. You could go get a new KTM 450 or 530 and have the best of both worlds. Just a thought if you have good credit and don't mind a payment.

Never, ever consider a Chinese knockoff. ANYTHING will be better than that.

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