Just bought an 89 xr600

Last night i bought an 89 xr600 test drove it, ran fine but i swapped the front sprocket before i bought it cause i thought it was too low geared for the freeway. went from a 14 to a 15 and it made all the difference in the world. bought it got going home made it about halfway the engine knocked a few times and seized. im doing 65+ down the freeway in friday traffic. lucky i didnt get hit by anyone. mainly im posting this to see *** may have happened.

also if someone could shoot me some links for parts to rebuild this thing that'd be much appreciated. does anyone know if im going to be able with rebuilding the top end alone?

Ya' ran out of oil probably. Usually piston up is good but cam, rockers and maybe head gets expensive. It would have seized sooner if you didn't change the sprocket.

oill was good stopped 10 minutes for gas before hand and topped off the oil

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