oversized handlebar pad perches?

i don't even know if that is the correct name for those things? but i have been searching for a bit and i cannot find anything

those of you with oversized handlebars help me on this.. i just installed some oversized pro taper evo bars and i need the little bar and clamps (perch) that goes across the bar so the bar pad can wrap around it.. can anybody help me out

Oversize (1 1/8") bars dont have a crossbar if thats what you are talking about. You need the big rectangular pad for the middle, not the round one. Check out pro tapers site. The bars should have come with a pad of you bought them new.

You want to put a cross bar on an oversized bar? They wouldnt flex at all and the whole point of an over sized bar would be defeated.

Well yeah shawn I just asked you that in a pm lol what didn't you understand from it?

No a bar pad never came with my bars and I never knew oversized bars will only accept the big square bar pads.. if I would of known that I wouldn't of wasted 15 dollars on a pad that I now can't use and probly will never sell.

How am I supposed to know you can't put a crossbar on oversized bars that isn't exactly common sense.. thanks for the help I guess.

the shipping alone to me for one of those is 30-40 dollars so by the end i'm paying 50 dollars just for a stupid handlebar pad. no thanks. ugh i'm pissed now if i would of known this 2 1/2 weeks ago i would of ordered a square one instead of round one.

unless youre doin fmx , i wouldnt even worry about it. alot of people dont run bar pads.

i don't like the look of them without looks incomplete to me.. but i found one on ebay for $23.. so i ordered it.

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