rmz450 suspension stock settings

hey guys,my friend just got an 09,he didnt get a shop manual yet but wants to set his suspension to stock settings,it a used bike,rear end is sagging.what would also be the sag for a 180lb rider with gear?any help i thank you.

I have a 2010 which is basically the same and the recommended sag is 105.

Race sag is set somewhere between 90 and 110 mm most of the time. It is a matter of preference once it is set. Your weight doesn't matter. You tighten or loosen the adjustment ring to get the measurement you want. Once it is set ,or if you can't get the correct setting, you can tell if the spring is the correct one for the weight of the rider. Static sag is one inch for a correct spring. Measured by bike on stand, distance from axle to point on rear fender, then bike setting on floor same measurement. As far as clickers, they are a matter of preference also. Set them in the center of adjustment and test ride and adjust to your liking. The stock setting may not be the correct setting for your style, type, or speed of riding. I always laugh at the guys I ride with because they don't want to change any settings, but complain their bike isn't riding right. Then I adjust their clickers one or two clicks and they are amazed how different the bike handles. It is worth taking the time to try different settings.

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