What is this thing?

Hi Guys-

Total noob question inbound: I just bought my new 2009 DRZ-400sm and I really love it so far. I have it basically stock for the moment. I'm wondering if someone can tell me what tube across from the exhaust with the rubber cap on it is. The rubber cap has some holes in it so I'm assuming it's part of the air intake system; but I don't see it on any other 2009s I've seen around or pictured. I live in NY but bought it from WI; so I'm wondering if maybe it's a restrictor or something?

Thanks in advance-

Sounds like the evaporative smog can. Does it have a metal locking gas cap?

Yes indeed.

Sounds like a California model.

You can remove it, pretty easy and will yield you piece of mind that after a top off at the gas station that it won't lock up and shut down on you while riding. Not going to hurt the bike but is annoying. And if you don't know what happened it's likely to scare you.

Thanks for the quick replies, guys. I'm reading another TT post on removing it as we speak. Cheers!

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