Some simple advice

So I am very particular person and I care greatly about my toys. I really want to know what additives all you guys put in your bikes to keep them running healthy and those valves from going bad. Every once in a while; about every 4th tank, I'll put a splash of sea-foam in my bike. I know they have products out there you can put in your gas and oil to keep them running good but what do you guys all put in your bikes?

I don't use any additives, I don't believe its necessary it beneficial. just change your oil often and stay on top of maintenance

a dose of seafoam for winter storage, maxima oils, premium fuel and clean filters.

and ride

My buddy has two yz 250f and they put the slightest bit of oil in there gas for extra lube. I've thought of doing that but I don't know. I change in spring and fall check the air filter regularly I just want to know if with these bikes having common valve problems if you put valve additives in it. I have a bottle of marvels mystery oil laying around I've thought of trying that.

i agree that with using good quality gas,oil and servicing your air filter on a regular basis additives arnt needed

The only reason I really put sea-foam in it is because the kid before my left gas in it for like a year with no stabilizer in it so I want to make sure all the goop is gone.

Fresh fuel is a key I think. If our premium has been sitting around for a while, I'll use it in something else like truck, car or mower and get fresh for our dirtbikes. I often will put Stabil in it right away I'm going overboard a bit with using it in something else.

If you get so inclined, pull the 17mm plug out of the bottom of your carb and see whats in there. If theres 'goop' somewhere, I'd guess it would be in evidence there.

There isn't any magic that will prevent the valves from going bad. Keep your oil clean and make sure your air filter is properly oiled and installed. Thats all there is to it....and even with that, they'll go bad at some point. Hopefully later rather than sooner.


I got home from golf practice and hopped rite on the bike warmed it up and started the work actually easier than I thought. I started with the fuel screw and turned it 1/4 turn out and boom problem solved I had to of course turn the idle down because putting more gas in the idle circuit sped it up. Now its SUPPPPPER responsive and when I start it cold now it actually stays running choke it for mabye 15 seconds shut it off and blurp the throttle every 15 to 30 seconds or so. It also actually idles at a lot lower rpm.

Valves are the weak point on this bike. Oil additives won't help as the part of the valve that wears is not lubricated by oil. However, the part the valve that does wear is exposed to the air after it's passed through the air filter. So, if the filter is not doing it's job, then dirt getting through may contribute to shorter valve life. So a clean, well oiled and sealed air filter is important.

Okay I will definently remember to keep my air filter clean then.

i clean mine after every ride

I would but the only place I've ever road so far is on pavement so little to know dust.

I ran marvel mystery oil in my oil and gas on my raptor 660 for ten long years of hard riding and i have never had that engine apart, and is still runs brand new, i plan to do the same with my 250x

Adjusting the carb correctly to have good fuel ratio will go a lot further than adding stuff in the fuel IMHO. Also simple things like servicing suspension, linkage, swingarm pivot, steering head bearing, throttle and clutch cables.... Doesn't take much time but makes a difference between a clapped out clunker and a race ready bike over a long run.

PS: if it doesn't die in cold temps with choke off in 15 sec after starting it it's gotta be running rich. Pull the spark plug and take a look.

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