Valve Adjustment Caps--Help

I'm excited to adjust my valves for the first time and have been reading other threads on how to do it-have the manual too. I got a 24 mm socket (12 point) and it is starting to strip the valve adjustment cap. Are they aluminum? The corners seem to give out pretty easily. I'm not sure if I should be using and end wrench or if a socket is okay. I got the socket at Harbor Freight. Is that the problem? I stopped trying before it got too stripped and decided to ask for some advice. If anyone can confirm that it should be 24mm or give any advice on how to get that off I would really appreciate it. Thanks.:thumbsup:

I forgot to mention it is a '92 XR250R

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left off model

It "is" 24mm but you should have got the 6 point.

They are aluminum, so it's good that you quit before damaging them further. You could try an open end wrench or crescent wrench, but be careful with those too. If your socket didn't break them loose then most likely they've been over tightened.

If those don't work, might try either differential cooling or heating.

After your adjustments, when you go to reinstall them, they only need snugged. Don't get ham fisted with them.

definitely get the 6 point socket- if its a little loose fitting, use newspaper over the cover to act as a shim to tighten up the fit of the socket on the cap. heat will help, and consider if you destroy the caps new ones are available for fairly cheap. I always oil or anti seize the caps before re-installing. Never had a problem since.

Yes they are aluminum and don't need much tightening. Years ago I broke the threads off one by overtightening, fortunately the threads did not drop into the head *whew*. Anyway, your inspection caps are either overtightened or they have not been removed in a long time and are just stiff. Sockets are OK but use a 6-point wherever possible regardless of the application. Try the open-end wrench like TrailRyder said, and do be careful. After you get 'em off and do your work, oil the threads and the O-rings before reinstallation, then wipe any excess oil off the cover after snugging. Good luck, be patient.... oh and try tapping them with a plastic screwdriver handle or some non-metal thing to set some vibrations and help break them loose.

Thanks guys, the 6 point socket worked! Found quite a bit of oil around one of the exhaust valves. Any thoughts?

I've started the motor to warm everything, then broke 'em loose. Just let it cool all the way back down before you adjust and don't foeget they are loose. Good to hear you got it anyway. :smirk:

Thanks guys, the 6 point socket worked! Found quite a bit of oil around one of the exhaust valves. Any thoughts?

What do you mean you found oil around the exhaust valve? If your looking through that cap you just took off there is supposed to be oil up there, thats where the cam is. Glad you got em off, I learned the same way about six point sockets with my fork caps.:smirk:

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