DR suprise

It's been a few years since owning my first bike, a 88 RM 250. Came across an 87 dr 125 that needed work for cheap so I bit. It needed some odds and ends and i got it running. Found a parts bike same year for cheap so I got that. Went to switch the brake calipers over and discovered something different. Apparently somebody jacked this bike up with larger forks and rear shock. Never had the 2 bikes close together to notice. Is this a common practice?

People do all kinds of stuff to make thier bike better. I had a 83 Yamaha TT600 that had drum brakes so I swapped the forks and wheel with one from a YZ250 that had disc brakes. Better forks and better brakes on the cheap. My next fork swap will be on Dr650 once I do some more researce and get the parts at a good price. I had two RM250's in the mid 80's and I know everytime you wack the throttle on that dr125 a tear must come to your eye thinkinking of that Rm.

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yes, sadly there is no "whacking" of the throttle with this dr.

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