Input please, used '09 or new '10 for SM/MX???


I'm looking for some input and this seems like a good place to ask...

I'm trying to decide between picking up a used '09 or a new '10 450R for mostly (70%) Supermoto and the rest Moto.

The '09 is being sold with about $500 to $1000 in extra mx goodies with it (extra plastics, raditator guards, ASV levers, etc). Exact hours on it are unknown, but the pegs, shift pedal and rear brake lever are stock and look to be in good shape and not very used. Tires need to be replaced for MX. I would guess less than 50hrs. Local dealer sold it new. One owner. No trans problems reported or weird hardparts purchased for it by the original owner. The suspension and engine are stock.

The new 2010 would be about $16-$1700 more.

Whichever bike I'll end up having the suspension done and engine worked, so I'm not worried about any possible suspension issues MXA wrote about on either model year.

What do you think?

My biggest thing is, what would it cost in hard parts only (no labor) to replace the rings and transmission parts (+associated gaskets, etc)? Those are really the only things I'm worried about on the '09.

Thanks for your input!




The 09 was a decent bike once you got the suspension set up and the ECU remapped.

With that in mind, a top end for the bike is roughly 200 bucks. The trans parts arent that expensive, but the trans problems on the bikes were sporadic and not a "recall" type issue. I think there may have been some user issues with a lot of those trans problems but the bike with 50hrs on it seems like it'd be past that problem as it'd shown itself before now.

The 1700 you'd save would give you a better bike than a brand new 2011. But you wouldnt get new bike smell either.

Drop a grand in the suspension and 50 on a remap and youve already got a better bike than the 2011. Its the same chassis...same plastic. If youre going to run super moto with it too, you'd probably want the possible top end you'll get out of the 50mm throttle body too. I know a guy that was getting 70 friggin hp out of the 09 engine with a good head, map and pipe...13+:1 piston etc...There'd definitely been work done, but 70 hp out of a stock bore and stroke is pretty incredible for a 450

Thanks for the info Shawn.

70hp sounds pretty incredible and a hp number that you would think would come at the expense of reliability and moto-ability, but I don't know. Anymore info on that 70hp CRF; dyno graph, parts, etc?

Yeah, the 50mm throttle body (specifically for the supermoto part of my use) is the reason I'm focused on either the '09 or '10 and not the '11 or '12. Sounds like the used '09 might be the way to go.




70 hp from a stock bore???

even ron hamp would be struggling to get that.

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